Your <b>professional partner</b>

Your professional partner

Steigner is the brand of window and door seals, shower seals, brush seals tileable shower bases, waterproof membranes and other sealing accessories for professional and personal use. All the elements are available in various sizes and colors.
Steigner products are well-known for their durability and high quality that last for years. Why? The secret lies in the materials and high technology used in the process of production.

Shower bases

The simple and fast way to turning every bathroom into a stylish and modern place. The shower base by Steigner is a tileable tray equipped with a drain that is easy to install. The base is durable and completely waterproof.
You can choose among different models depending on the place of a drain and their complexity. Which one would be the best for you? Visit the page and the shop online.

Shower seals

The necessary element for every shower cabin. Steigner offers different types of shower seals depending on the glass thickness and length. They fit for straight and curved shower screens and doors and can be used vertically or horizontally. All the gaps are perfectly sealed. The installation doesn’t require any sealant or glue.

Brush seals

Keep heat, cold, rain and insects away! Brush seals are perfect for gates, doors, wardrobes and other pieces of furniture. They mute any noise and protect interiors. Brush seals are made of polypropylene, a fully recyclable and durable thermoplastic polymer.
Brush seals are available in three neutral colors and in different sizes. Each seal is provided with a strip of permanent adhesive (covered with a protective tape) with which the components adhere to the surface and form a reliable protection for several years of use.

Window and door seals

Window and door seals protect interior against heat, cold, rain and insects and can reduce the energy consumption by over 35-40%. The variety of seal profiles is huge. They fit for every window and door.
Window and door seals by Steigner are waterproof and resistant to ozone, weather conditions and UV radiation. The installation is easy and takes a few minutes regardless of the skills. Dismantling takes place just as smoothly. Each package contains detailed instructions with pictures.

Plinth sealing strips

The necessary element in every kitchen. Although they’re almost invisible, plinth sealing strips play a huge role. They protect against water, dirt and insects. All the gaps between the furniture and the surface are closed and safe.
Plinth sealing strips are highly durable thanks to PVC used in their production. They’re elastic and resistant to humidity and chemicals.