Ropes by Stanke are the <b>embodiment of quality,</b>

Ropes by Stanke are the embodiment of quality,

durability and reliability. They are made only of the best materials that guarantee the safe use. See the huge range of different types of ropes.

Excellence is in the details

The priority of Stanke is to deliver only the best products. The process of manufacturing is constantly controlled and improved, and every rope is tested. The Stanke specialists check its structure, quality and strength depending on its purpose. There is no place for any mistakes!

Jute ropes

100% nature. Jute is completely ecological and recyclable material. It’s light, soft and highly resistant. Jute rope is a multipurpose product for professional and personal use. It’s commonly used in home and garden decorating, renovating, sailing, extreme sports etc.

Steel wire ropes

100% stainless steel. The material is extremely strong and highly resistant to corrosion and weather conditions. Steel wire ropes are irreplaceable in lifting, transport, bridge constructions, on ships etc. They are used in winches, turnbuckles or hooks.

Polypropylene ropes

100% polypropylene. It’s a weatherproof, UV resistant and highly durable synthetic fiber with extreme strength. Due to its features polypropylene ropes become popular and appreciated by professionals.

hemp ropes

100% nature. Likewise jute ropes, hemp ropes are purely ecological and organic products. They’re heavy and durable. Hemp ropes are used in transport, constructions but also in home and garden decorating.