The professional <b>finish for every floor.</b>

The professional finish for every floor.

Baseboards by Holzbrink are aesthetic, elastic and durable and made only of the best materials. Thanks to the wide range of different colors and sizes, the baseboards by Holzbrink meet the expectations of customers in the whole of Europe. See the collection.

The perfect match

The combination of aesthetics, modern design and new technologies results in high-quality baseboards. The installation is simple. It takes only a few minutes and it can be done by everyone. The baseboards by Holzbrink are designed for any kind of interior.

A chic and elegant baseboard,

often called the Hamburger or Berlin profile, becomes the classic among the baseboards. They’re stylish, functional and aesthetic. There is a cut-out on the back which can be used for hidden cable routing. MDF baseboards are easy to clean and install thanks mounting clips.
Although in the past the Hamburger profile could be found only in old buildings, now it’s extremely popular in modern interiors as a design element.

The soft and elastic baseboards may also serve as gaskets

They are installed so close to the walls and the floor that they protect the edges against any dust and detergents. They perfect for tiles, PVC coverings, wood floors etc.
The design of baseboards includes the place for cables so the floor is free from any wires. It’s not only aesthetic but also safe. The elements are eco-friendly and can be recyclable.

The worktop wall strips by Holzbrink are resistant to dirt,

detergents and all forms of liquid. They’re easy in use and to install for everyone. Thanks to high flexibility the elements fit perfectly to every top. Holzbrink offers over 80 different models of strips in various dimensions!

Additional accessories

Each wall finishing strip is designed with all the trimmings. Finishing accessories such as corners and end caps complement the appearance of the installed edging. All of them are available with strips or separately in our online store Jumbo Shop.