Rediscover the charm <b>of Christmas</b>

Rediscover the charm of Christmas

Are you one of those who wait the whole year for this the magic time of Christmas? FairyTrees is a brand created to make this moment even more extraordinary. After all, there is no Christmas without a Christmas tree!
The collection of FairyTrees decorations is full of charming elements such as real cones and a pleasant smell. Choose your favorite among various models of pine trees and spruce trees in different colors and sizes.

Perfect Christmas

The real spirit of Christmas is to cherish peace, happiness and special time with the family. Everything must be excellent and flawless! With the FairyTrees decorations you don’t need to worry about creating such a wonderful atmosphere. All the trees are perfectly designed and finished.

All the Christmas trees are made of PVC

This top quality material is resistant to chemicals, UV radiation, water and weather conditions. It can withstand extreme temperatures (from -50°C to +60°C). The high technology used in the process of manufacturing guarantees the exact copy of natural trees.
Why the FairyTrees decorations are better than their natural equivalents? They’re eco-friendly and can serve for many seasons without losing their charm. Remember that each copy allows to save a real tree which means that every year thousands of trees can be spared cutting.

We've got a present for you!

Each Christmas tree by FairyTrees is packed in specially designed box with charming graphics. Why? Except the fact that the box looks like a present, there are other reasons.
Firstly, the box protects the decoration during shipping. The order comes to a customer untouched. Secondly, it’s the best way for storing. When the holidays are over, just put the tree into the box and hide whenever you want. It can stay there for the next season. A properly maintained decoration may serve for years without any damage.

The recipe for a perfect Christmas tree

FairyTrees offers two the most traditional types of trees, pine trees and spruce trees, in a few color variants and many sizes. Several models are also available with glitter or natural cones. The variety of decorations is extremely huge so everyone will find their perfect match.